How Divorce can affect your kids?

 In the University of Missouri, a specialist in human development studied the impact of divorce on kids and also motioned how they are dependent on their parents at different ages:

Infants – It has been observed that they change their sleeping and eating habits frequently when their parents are getting separated.

Toddlers – They are able to realize that one parent is missing from home. So, they start showing their anger, may lose interest in play and skills such as toilet training, go back to thumb-sucking and may get nightmares.

Pre-schoolers – The children belonging to this age group start blaming them for divorce and may not be able to accept the changes in their lives. They may show sadness and grievances because of the absence of one parent.

Pre-teens- The kids may feel that they have been abandoned by one of the parent. This can be one of the reasons for them to withdraw from friends and society. It has been observed that they may start using foul language and adopt bad habits. They even turn out to be cruel and harsh people when they are fully grown-ups.

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