Few facts about divorce and its issues

  • The divorce rate of remarriages is higher than those of first marriages even if the couple is married again.
  • Living-together relationships do not demand more commitments and sincerity in the association. This is one of the major reasons for divorced people to associate with such people as they find it easier to terminate the association at any point of time and hence can walk out on the other person whenever they feel like. It becomes rather difficult to stick to one person.
  • Many studies have revealed the fact that children, whose parents were unhappy to stay together, become the most affected persons. They become harsh in their adulthood and are often unable to lead a happy married life.
  • For every child, his parents can set examples. If the parents are committed and stay together for long time; the child will develop the same tendency as shown by his parents. It has been observed that the divorce rate is higher in those people whose parents have been divorced once than those couples whose parents are staying together or have stayed together.
  • Every marriage has problems and issues. However, when the couples were interviewed after five years of marriage, they have stated that they can make the marriage better with little more effort and practice.
  • Self talk is considered to be the equivalent of individual’s thoughts. Marriage counselors suggest that negative self talk is responsible for getting a divorce. This is more harmful than lack of open communications between the couple. As a result of negative self-thought, the person will develop negative perceptions about the other partner.

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