1). What can I post on this website?

A). You can post any content that is appropriate for public view and please respect copyrights!!

2). What should I not post on this website?

A). You should not post any content that is copyrighted and you do not possess rights for that or any content that contains extreme nudity or porn content that is not good for public view.

3). What if I post copyrighted content on this site?

A). If you post any copyrighted content on the site to which you do not have copyrights, we will delete that link / data / article for which we receive copyright complain as we are abide by our content and community policy.

4). Can I write articles to promote my brand or products?

A). You can, but please write some useful content in that article to describe your brand / product / services and try to explain how this is going to add value to users.

5). Special Note:

>> We have complete rights to disapprove and delete your article or comments, if we find any junk post, spam content or copyright issues. this content policy can be edited / revised any point of time to add value and quality to the website and our community.